Hi! I’m Erica, a broke 20-year-old graduating college student. I am an Asian blogger from the Pearl of the Orient Seas, Philippines! I started blogging last November 2017.

I’ve loved reading books ever since I was in sixth grade. The first book that got me into reading was the Percy Jackson series. After that, I fell in love with reading and started to check out other books.

Since I came from the Philippines, books really were a luxury to us, especially to me. I didn’t come from a so-good family. My mom’s a single parent and she’s the best. I was able to read books by borrowing some from my classmates. We were all hooked on Rick Riordan’s books and we started this little club of Percy Jackson addicts. As time passed, I still borrow some books from a friend and also started reading a lot of ebooks.

I have friends but I don’t have that much “reader” friends. So it was really hard. Imagine reading a great book and you have no one to pour all your feelings out! Terrible, right? But I’ve survived. For a few years, I lived.

One random day, I got bored and scrolled too much on Instagram. I saw those awesome bookstagram posts. I followed a few accounts. And maybe followed some more the next day(s). I figured, I want that. I want a place to share and express my love of books. But I don’t have that much physical books (Yes, seriously. I’m just starting my collection now and I think I’m getting close to 20 books!), so how? I don’t have anything to photograph. Though I just figured out that there’s a way to create bookstagram photos even if you only have e-copies of books.

While stalking browsing through a few accounts, I saw blog links. And maybe clicked on some. I’ve never thought of doing one because I was a little scared of having nothing to talk about. But hello to my random urge to sign up for a wordpress account and create my own blog. Well, of course there’s a few struggling on what platform to use.

This little brainchild of mine is my very own personal space where I talk about what I love and passionate about – books. Every book is a new adventure. There’s a new story you get to live. Hence, the blog name. Living a Hundred Lives. As a reader, you get to live a lot of stories. Not just a hundred, I just thought of it as a name.

This blog is where I talk about books – review, recommend and promote. There may be a few off-topic posts but it will always come back to my love for books.

Okay, enough said. I really have no idea what I’m going to talk about next so I know I have to end this portion. I hope people (you!) get to enjoy my content.

Have a great day everyone!


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