Top Five Tuesday: Slytherin Reads!

Hiya people! We’re now back to Top Five Tuesdays where we’ll have the last Harry Potter themed prompt. Featuring this week, the house of Slytherin!

This February, I’ll be joining on Shanah @ Bionic Bookworm’s Top Five Tuesdays! I happen to stumble into her post revealing the prompts for February and I was excited when I saw that we’d be doing a HARRY POTTER theme!

That’s right, Potterheads! For the month of February, prompts will be HP-themed! Each week, different houses are assigned. Choose top five (or more) books that you think would a person of the house would enjoy or a book with a character that has the traits of the house featured.

For more info, check out Shanah’s post here.

A little recap..

Check out my other T5T posts for February:

This week’s house is Slytherin!

They are ambitious, driven, goal focused, determined, prepared, perfectionists, adaptable, realistic, self-reliant, charming, assertive, and ruthless. They are highly selective with their loyalty, love positive attention and thrive on praise, care about the impression they give, demand respect, and can be disloyal.

As a Hufflepuff, I’ll be picking up five books for our friendly Slytherins which I’m hoping they’d like. Most of the books I’ll be featuring greatly value tradition and have ambitious characters. Well, actually some of their characters really are a perfect Slytherin.

Erica’s Picks!


If Xifeng isn’t a total Slytherin, I may need to check my definition again. Ambitious and will do anything to get what she wants, Xifeng is that b*tch. One of my favorite anti-heroines ever. This book by Julie Dao made me want to read more books with Asian Cultural representation. I enjoyed reading about this book and it became an easy favorite. While I’ve put Jade (MC in Kingdom of the Blazing Phoenix, the sequel), her stepmother is an easy sort to Slytherin. Packed with dark magic and awesome world building, this book will surely leave you asking for more.

View on Goodreads | Read my Review


Aside from all the royalty stuff that I loved, my favorite character here is actually Maram and I wanted more of her.

Maram is the cruel princess whilst Amani was (MC) kidnapped from an isolated moon. She was taken because she looks exactly like Maram. They’re like 2 halves of a whole: one evil, one good. With Amani actually being able to capture the princess’ ruthlessness, I too was made to believe they’re the same person.

I really enjoyed Maram’s b*tchiness here. Amani was a great MC too, I loved how strong she is!

View on Goodreads | Read my Review



There are a lot of things I’ve thought about these wonderful books for Slytherin. I’ve actually just finished The Shadow Glass last week and believe me when I say still haven’t moved on from it. The series was outstandingly written and has a majestic world.

The elder ashas and the kingdoms value tradition. Every tiny detail, even in the world’s mythology was wonderfully written by Rin. Also, Tea is freakin’ awesome. She’s a strong lady which I believe really is ambitious but strives to reach her goal, no matter the challenges that are thrown in her way.


Read my Review: The Bone WitchThe Heart ForgerThe Shadow Glass


I hate how underrated this book is! And if you haven’t noticed, I’m falling even more in love with bad-ass female characters!

Another book that would definitely deceive its readers. Zera is a heartless. She may be an anti-heroine of some sort because she has to get the Prince’s heart and bring it to the witches.

Zera is easy to love. She’s confident, strong and sassy. I loved her attitude and how she’s able to get through the challenges that get in her way. I swear to you that this is such an awesome and exciting read. I encourage everyone to give this book a chance!

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Of course, I wouldn’t forget one of my fave reads of the year! Hell, yes for Selina Kyle! She’s powerful, confident and can certainly kick your ass! Everything she’s been doing is because of one thing. And I admire and loved her for that reason which I’m not going to tell you because I don’t want to drop a spoiler bomb on you guys.

But I swear, I really really enjoyed this book and went crazy for two weeks! Totally recommend especially to those who are fan of Maas’ other books (which I’m going to check out soon).

View on Goodreads | Read my Review

I think I may have listed down only anti-heroines but that doesn’t mean that all Slytherin are evil or such. They’re just awesome characters that remind me of a Slytherin’s glory. These are books I’ve really enjoyed and I totally recommend this to everyone!

Yaayy for five picks! I hope Slytherins would enjoy them!

Now, this is both such a sad and happy post. I’m glad and enjoyed every HP-themed prompt for February but this is the last house already. Will be saying goodbye for the Harry Potter prompts for now but still looking forward to the March topics!

Let’s Talk!

  • Are you a Potterhead? What house were you sorted in?
  • If you’re a Slytherin, what do you think of the books I picked?
  • What books would you add to the list?
  • If you have a Top Five Tuesday post, share your post link in the comments!

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16 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Slytherin Reads!

  1. I love all your picks! I’ve been gleefully going through all the Slytherin posts and this is my fave of the bunch, I’m interested in all of these ❤ FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS is the most on point, it even has a snake on the cover, come on! 😀

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