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“You can’t honor the past if you don’t know what that past is. I would much rather know the truth than live in ignorant bliss, even if it destroys all I’ve come to believe. Tradition isn’t always honorable. If it was, then you’d have been an asha for years, without opposition.”

Title: The Shadow Glass

Series: The Bone Witch Trilogy, #3

Author: Rin Chupeco

Release Date: March 5th 2019

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Genre: Fantasy

In the highly anticipated finale to the Bone Witch trilogy, Tea’s life—and the fate of the kingdoms—hangs in the balance 

Tea is a bone witch with the dark magic needed to raise the dead. She has used this magic to breathe life into those she has loved and lost…and those who would join her army against the deceitful royals. But Tea’s quest to conjure a shadowglass—to achieve immortality for the one person she loves most in the world—threatens to consume her heart.

Tea’s black heartsglass only grows darker with each new betrayal. And when she is left with new blood on her hands, Tea must answer to a power greater than the elder asha or even her conscience…

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Despite an unsettling resemblance to Japanese revenants, Rin always maintains her sense of hummus. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, she keeps four pets: a dog, two birds, and a husband. Dances like the neighbors are watching.

She is represented by Rebecca Podos of the Helen Rees Agency. She is also fond of speaking in the third person, and may as well finish this short bio in this manner. While she does not always get to check her Goodreads page, she does answer questions posed to her here as promptly as she is able to.

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So much love for this trilogy! THIS IS THE BEST WAY A TRILOGY CAN END. Guys, the feels are still fresh and I hope I get to give this wonderful justice in this review. I can’t express enough how awesome this book made me feel. Well, it actually made me feel a lot of things but I sweaaaar. It was too good.

This book was pretty consistent because I started and ended it with tears in my eyes.

“May our children one day inherit a world where they can explore the lands without the need for a name and free to carve out their own peace.”


Greatest character development in a book I’ve read! You’ll actually think that this was set years after The Heart Forger ended because they all seem to have matured. I mean, “Okay, this is the last book. Let’s get serious and do business.” The Shadow Glass would surely make you get to know the characters more and discover a thing or two about them that you have never actually thought of before.

I’m so proud of Tea. She was just discovering the ways of an asha in The Bone Witch and now she had grown to be a powerful woman. Tbh, I actually thought she’s on her early 20s but I’m quite shocked to discover that she’s only 17! Not yet of legal age but had done so much more for the eight kingdoms! She’s also gotten so wise and even fiercer! I’ve talked about how two sides of Tea was shown in my review of the second book and that “sides” were explored more in this book.

Referencing Daenerys because of the dragons. Still on S01, E05 though, LMAO.

Tea is a powerful and a bad-ass lady. I’m actually a bit confused if I’m going to label her as a female heroine or anti-heroine (because most people in the kingdoms actually see her as one). Nonetheless, I admire how she’s so driven and motivated to achieve her goals. She’s so tough that she continues to fight even after encountering lots of challenges in her way.

She’s also loving and truly cares for her family and friends. I think this is the best side of Tea because her love for them actually fueled her to strive more and to become a powerful wielder of magic. I can actually go and talk for a day or two about how wonderful Tea is.

I also can’t stop thinking about Likh. Because of the trilogy introducing its world’s traditions, young men like him with a silver heartsglass are sought to join the Deathseekers but he/she wants to be an asha. Likh has the heart of one. The Bone Witch was the start of them actually breaking the norms and fighting for Likh’s cause. The Heart Forger is the start of Likh being an asha and finally in this book, she’d come to terms on who she wants to be. Likh is finally called a lady asha. It made my heart happy, seeing how Rin have written all about Likh’s journey too.

I want to talk more about the other characters but I know I shouldn’t to avoid spoilers. Because I swear once I talk about my other favorite, hell would break loose and I’ll just pour out every feeling I have for each of them. Rest assured though that each character was wonderfully crafted with their own strengths and weaknesses. As far as them sounding perfect, they’re actually not. Their flaws make them more realistic, more human. By reading the previous book, you’ll think you know everything about them but you’ll still end up surprised and discovering something new about them. The Shadow Glass did not fail to show how they’re all connected and the freaking roles they played at the end.

Setting + World-building

I’ll never get tired of saying that the best feature of this trilogy is the majestic world-building! We’ve been introduced to the asha, the eight kingdoms and its culture and tradition ever since the first book. There’s still a lot to learn though. And the good thing with this book being the end (wait, it’s not really a good thing because I don’t want to say goodbye to them!!!) is every question was answered. Though it’s a little overwhelming because reading The Shadow Glass is like discovering a new world in the existing one. I hope I’m making sense.

The gang uncovered the biggest WTF regarding the history of the ashas. The backstory of the world regarding Dancing Wind, Blade that Soars and Hollow Knife was given to the readers with clarity (?). It was actually when I understood it more.

Rin Chupeco blessed us with vivid descriptions of everything. They visited more of the places and the kingdoms. I’m still in awe whenever something new introduced because it seems really meticulously planned up to the very tiny detail. It’s easy to wander through the worlds using your imagination. I actually felt like I was among Tea and her friends.

Still with the Neverbeast because it’s adorable.

I also know that the daeva (beasts) were supposed to be feared and killed for their bezoars to be harvested but I’ve grown fond of them. I blame Tea and the azi for being so adorable. Every other daeva seems to really have feelings. It was shown that a daeva have no choice but to act wildly because of the faceless or someone controlling them. The first book already gave us a glimpse of how Tea had managed all the daeva to be at her side. I believe that they still all deserve love even with their different appearances.

The thing about shadowglass became clearer and again, I was surprised that the author have thought of it. It was clearly seen that Rin took time in creating a wonderful world. It may be a bit overwhelming to take in at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll appreciate how outstanding it is. The fact that this book focused on the powers of a Dark asha (necromancy and such) made it sound even more interesting. With the cover and description alone, the books would really make you want to read them. Really one of the best worlds I’ve ever read.

“I am an asha regardless of what laws of the Willows I disagree with. I am an asha even as I go against the elders’ will. Obedience to a decree I had no say in does not make me an asha. My service to the people, performed to the best of my ability and to the best of my belief, is what makes me an asha. Protecting my fellow sisters and brothers makes me an asha. And that includes searching for truth.”

Plot, Pacing & Writing Style

If this isn’t the best way to end the trilogy then I don’t know what is. This book made me feel lots of different emotions. Really a roller coaster ride. There are times that I think the books were just playing with my emotions, LOL. The Shadow Glass really is the most extreme. It was pretty consistent on how it made me feel. I started and ended the book WITH TEARS IN MY EYES. I don’t know about you guys but this was too good. It was too much for my heart and it’s one of the best fantasy trilogies ever!

Rin Chupeco created a steady plot with surprises and reveals every now and then which was really good because it’d definitely make the readers crave for more without giving them a reason to get bored. It sometimes felt that there’s a lot happening but I’m so glad it worked out for me.

It’s amazing how the first two books really did their job in hyping up the conclusion to the story. Of course, the book is still told in two POVs: Tea’s and the bard. The switching between the two views was confusing sometimes but you’ll really feel how close the two POVS’ time frames really are together. The end of Tea’s in The Shadow Glass was picked up by the bard’s in The Bone Witch. It really is the present and the future. While I was nearing the end, I found myself comparing the two POVs and placing the pieces together.

It was fast-paced but it wouldn’t work out if you just skim on the words. I’ve learned that it’s best to read it in your own pace and do not rush because it can really ruin your reading experience. So take the time and savor the words to really enjoy it. It was really worth the time. I just actually finished this the day before my tour stop (Feb 20th) and I have no regrets! Just imagine how hard it is to get myself back and write a decent review.

The ending was really good. It’s also like having two endings because of the two POVs. And it felt really good because I had closure. You may feel a little lost with Tea’s ending but the bard’s would make up for it, I swear. It made me smile while crying.

I applaud Rin Chupeco so much not just for creating this world and introducing us to the wonderful characters but also for telling this wonderful story in her magical way of writing. Rin really has a great writing style that’s easy to get lost into. And I’ll never forget how she made me feel a lot of things. I know I’ll be checking out her other works too.

“Are you scared?” he asked me gently, and I laughed. Once upon a time, my sister Lili had promised me a prince. “Never when I’m with you,” I whispered to the fading vision, as it gave way to black sands and the roar of the surf.

Wrapping it up,

I hope I have given enough justice to this wonderful trilogy. I’LL NEVER STOP SCREAMING MY HEART OUT FOR THESE BOOKS. I swear that if you haven’t read this, you’re missing out on a lot. I still have a hangover and I hope I’ll be ready enough soon to start a new read. Just think about The Shadow Glass made me feel everything again. Reading my favorite quotes makes me tear up and I just can’t. I know that I’ll forever love The Bone Witch Trilogy. And IT SUCKS HOW I CAN’T SQUEAL OVER MY SHIP BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO SPOIL Y’ALL. So if you’ve read this, please talk to me.

Enough with my messy feelings, I rate The Shadow Glass by Rin Chupeco a perfect 5/5 stars!

“Sons and daughters, sons with my fire, daughters with my eyes. Mayhap one day, they will. A life worth dying for is a life worth living after all.

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