Mini Reviews: Survive by Sal Mason and Sweethearts by Gemma Gilmore

Now because my blogging schedule is so jam-packed this week, I actually almost have something to publish every day. This really proved to be a very busy month and I’ve got a long list of things to be published for February. I also have my TBR all planned out, hahaha. And I’m already 3-5 books behind schedule? Plus, include my manuscript revisions ugh.

So because of all that, I had the idea to combine two reviews into one!

Title: Survive

Author: Sal Mason

Content Warning: Rape, Sexual Harassment

I had so much expectations for this one. Of course, I know it should be a thrilling one since it’s synopsis sounded a lot about hiding and running against a sniper but you see, it’s not the kind of action you’d want to see.

Aeree was a rape victim. Now, this is a sensitive issue. I know it will be hard to cope with a few things but after a few years, she married the attorney in her case (she was accused/guilty of murdering the leader of the gang that raped her). But as a person, she was so hard to like. But that doesn’t mean she deserved to be treated like shit all the time. IT WAS TOO MUCH. Everything felt too heavy. I was struggling to read it. I actually put it down for a few times. But by seeing all the positive reviews on Goodreads, I figured, why not give it another chance?

I barely managed to finish it. Okay, maybe by finishing it, I saw the only good thing in the book. That there’s still good people that are really willing to help. Everything’s messed up. Now I don’t want to throw any spoilers at you so I’ll be keeping my mouth shut. I can definitely say that this book made me feel more disgusted of manipulative men and those who can’t even keep their hands to themselves. Maybe, it was just the theme of the book but I swear everything’s really f*cked up.

It started out pretty slow and with Aeree’s constant rambling and when you thought everything starts to go pretty great, it suddenly transforms into a landslide. Though there are maybe one or two plot twist/s that I did not expect. 90% of the time, nothing actually makes sense. The only highlight of this book for me is the girls’ team up. Sure, the action part was really tiring but reading the book was just like running in circles.

I actually think that “I SHOULD LIKE THIS” because I appear to be the only negative review to be posted on Goodreads. It may be a nice read for everyone else but this book made me feel uncomfortable in a whole new level. I strongly believe that there are things in this book that are completely unnecessary like every attack at both Aeree’s history and sexuality. And don’t forget the completely unnecessary romance.

Title: Sweethearts

Author: Gemma Gilmore

Now this is a YA Contemporary read. Ingrid, the MC is having an identity crisis. She always listens to Amber sing and watches all her youtube videos. She’s awful to her and bullies her but it seems that she actually likes her deep down.

I thought at first that this is going to be a cute read. Since I just finished a few action reads, I figured that I want to read a contemporary book for a change of pace. Everything changes from Ingrid when she dyed her hair Pink. Okay, I love the color and it would be a pretty good shade but it was really a game-changer for Ingrid. She actually discovers and admits to herself that she likes girl when she became a pink-head (Is that even a word?).

Okay but the whole point is, everything revolved around her change of hair color. And God was she an awful person. She’s a bully. And she thinks that she should and could do whatever she wants. And boy, I HATE LOVE TRIANGLES. Especially when Ingrid though that she could just use someone. So imagine this: someone likes Ingrid but she rejects her because Ingrid likes Amber. Then, Amber doesn’t actually like her so she ends up with the other girl? Man, what the hell? It’s irritating. They’re irritating.

But despite all of that, I was able to finish the book that. Because it was actually an easy read (but not a good one). The author’s writing style is great but the story itself? Not so much. So one star for the writing style. The other would be for Summer. She was pregnant. And everything was so positive with her pregnancy. Sure, both parents don’t approve and are disappointed but Summer really handled it well.

Oh God, these books were a not-so-great-read for me. I feel a little bad because I expected a lot from both of them. They’re actually books from my Netgalley stack that I promised I was going to get on.

I received Survive and Sweethearts from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Let’s Talk!

  • Have you read the books above? If so, post the link in the comments!
  • What do you do when you struggle on reading a book?
  • When do you decide if you should put down (DNF) a book?

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