Book Review: The Truth Hunters by Emilia Zeeland

Title: The Truth Hunters

Series: Star Academy, #2

Author: Emilia Zeeland

Publication Date: May 26th 2018

Genre: YA Fantasy, Scifi

Pushed out of the spotlight and into obedience, Yalena returns to a STAR Academy that has changed. In fact, the near worlds have changed, forcing her to walk the thin line between politics and mayhem.

Determined to find out why the Fians claim to be connected to her, Yalena has to track down whoever gave her up as a baby. But the truth can be elusive. Yalena must employ her friends’ talents—and her own—on a shadow quest to hunt down the answers. And all the while, she weaves herself deeper into the web of Fian lies. But what if some of them aren’t lies at all?

Throw in some grueling training, a few inconvenient affections, as well as a pair of mischievous freshmen, and second year at the Academy just got tricky.

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Author Spotlight

Emilia Zeeland is a Young Adult sci-fi writer and author of The STAR Academy Series. Even though she holds an international business degree and two Masters, Zeeland’s heart is full of love for speculative fiction.
Her own stories include coming-of-age tales, detailed worlds, unimaginable consequences, deep friendships, and romances that sneak up on you. She’s not afraid to push her characters to their limits and give them a depth that firmly plants them in readers’ hearts. In Zeeland’s writing, readers will be transported to another world, where they are not alone, but part of a tightly-knit, perfectly imperfect family. 
Behind the Emilia Zeeland pseudonym, Em (as her friends call her) speaks six languages, loves to try on—and, sadly, also buy—dresses, and is a bit of a foodie. She mostly dwells in Barcelona, Spain, but with those cheap flights, she often hops off to other places in Europe to visit her family.

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I’ve read the first book in the series last year and it was still the time wherein I’m not that much of a fan for books set in space. I enjoyed The Unsound Theory and I was really excited to read the sequel!

The Truth Hunters picked up on how the first book ended. I was feeling a little uneasy because I don’t remember that much but this book didn’t leave me behind. It may be a little confusing when I started it (because I’ve forgotten some things from the first book) but after a few chapters, I was back on track.


It’s the gang’s sophomore year and after their scandalous mission on the previous book, they weren’t exactly treated as someone with experience. They were ‘somewhat’ belittled but you’ll get to see how they grew after a few chapters. You’ll get this proud feeling that they weren’t the freshmen that were just starting.

I love the character development here. They’re more mature and there’s not much bickering, unlike in the first book. Here, they get to work with each other’s strengths and act as a team. It’s great how each of them has their own strengths so it isn’t really competition. It’s about figuring out how to be a great team.

There are also ships, yaayy to Team Yalena and Alec! The romance part isn’t such a great deal though, as to not drown us with all the lovey-dovey and forget about business but in time where we Yalena needed it, Alec was always there and they’re really adorable. I love them, nobody touch my ship!

Setting + Worldbuilding

Ever dreamt of living on the Moon? Mars? How about staying at a huge space station?

The author had successfully created a freakishly awesome world. It’s like watching Wall-E without lazy humans. Everything was great and the take on intergalactic affairs was really refreshing.

What I ultimately enjoy in this series is the world outside of Earth. Imagine that this planet isn’t the only place humans can live. The reading experience for the Star Academy series is like a field trip to the Moon, Mars, and even a Space Station where you get to learn how to pilot a mini-ship.

The whole thing about the Fians was also really interesting. It’s a little unsettling though because I know that sometime in the future, it would happen. Space will continue to be explored and a search for another habitable planet would be done.

Enough with that, Yalena’s connection with the Fians would really get on your curious side. You’d want more and that would make you keep reading. I’ve never read a book like this one before. It’d really get your creative imagination working.

I may not have said this enough but I swear the places in the book were described wonderfully. My favorite was actually the station in the moon!

Pacing + Writing Style

It was pretty easy to read. Not too fast, not too slow. Everything felt right.

There are a few parts that are fast-paced but it was executed well, especially the action scenes and the part with the great reveal.

The author made me feel lots of emotions at the same time but for most of the book, I was excited and eager to uncover everything.

It was very easy to visualize anything. It’s like a watching your very own movie adaptation of the book you’re reading. Emilia Zeeland masterfully weaved a wonderful story with just the right amount of the right elements.

I swear that this book will suck you in real fast. I’ve never read as fast as I’ve read this for a long time.

Wrapping it up,

I’ll forever treasure this series. It was a really wonderful read. And I super recommend this to fans of science fiction! Overall, I rate The Truth Hunters by Emilia Zeeland, 5 out of 5 stars!

Team Yalena + Alec!

I’ve received the book from the author herself in exchange for an honest review.

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