Shelf Control #2: More than a Game by Andrey Vasilyev

Hiya! Here’s another Shelf Control post since my TBR does nothing but keep on growing.

Shelf Control features unread books you own. It is created by Lisa @ Bookshelf Fantasies.

To join in this weekly fun, pick an unread book on your shelf then write a post about it. Basically how you got it, when and why. Then, link back from Lisa’s post of the week. For more info, check out the introductory post here.

This is a pretty fun thing for me because I am literally drowning from my tbr. I went crazy when I first discovered Netgalley so I still have a lot of unread ones. And I want to clear my netgalley tbr by the end of this year. Plus, count my new physical books, I’m crying fictional tears, lol.

For this weeks Shelf Control, I feature:

Title: More than a Game

Series: Fayroll, #1

Author: Andrey Vasilyev

First published: January 1st 2014

Genre: Science Fiction

Tasked with a new assignment, journalist Harriton is given explicit orders to write a series of articles on the Virtual Gaming World of Fayroll and its developers. Harriton grudgingly accepts the assignment but soon finds himself enthralled by the virtual fantasy world and its amazing quests, unpredictable challenges and nearly endless possibilities. 

As ‘Hagen the Warrior’, he skeptically enters the fantasy world where the thirst for success and vanity of high-level players in pursuit of legendary objects spills into the real world. Here, high-stakes bets are made on the success of the virtual characters. Events and decisions that Harriton makes in the virtual space as Hagen now start to affect his own reality. 

More Than a Game will exceed all expectations of fans of epic fantasy fiction and online gaming. 

His unpredictable character, perseverance and excitement draw the attention of powerful gamers and influential Moscow elite with a devouring interest in Fayroll’s outcome. It is not long before he realizes that this fantastic world conceals many dangers. Will he be able to pass all the tests?

The story behind it:

While I was scrolling in Netgalley, I saw the “Auto-Approvals” and I was really surprised that I was auto approved for some books. This is the first one I saw that really caught my eye. And when I read the synopsis, it sounded really interesting.

I’ve also heard that this edition was translated into English so I hope it was a pretty good one to better understand it. So with my “tackling the Netgalley TBR”, I know I’ll be reading this one soon. So I got it maybe late 2017 or early 2018. Yes, I know that’s so far away but gaahh. I swear I went overboard and crazy on requesting books.

Here’s to our unread books!

Let’s Talk!

  • Have you ever read this one before? Or are you planning to? What do you think of it so far?
  • Do you have a lot of unread books lurking in your shelf?
  • What book will you be reading next?

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