Shelf Control #1: Survive by Sal Mason

Hiya! It is time for me to participate in a weekly feature again. I haven’t done this in awhile so this is pretty exciting.

Shelf Control features unread books you own. It is created by Lisa @ Bookshelf Fantasies.

To join in this weekly fun, pick an unread book on your shelf then write a post about it. Basically how you got it, when and why. Then, link back from Lisa’s post of the week. For more info, check out the introductory post here.

This is a pretty fun thing for me because I am literally drowning from my tbr. I went crazy when I first discovered Netgalley so I still have a lot of unread ones. And I want to clear my netgalley tbr by the end of this year. Plus, count my new physical books, I’m crying fictional tears, lol.

For my first Shelf Control post, I feature:

Title: Survive

Series: Hide & Seek, #2

Author: Sal Mason

Publication Date: November 21st 2017

Genre: Thriller, Suspense

To survive, Aeree Cahill has to stay one step ahead of the flying bullets.

When an idyllic weekend getaway to the Green Mountains turns into a deadly trap, Aeree and her fellow campers find themselves hunted by a ruthless sniper. Now a prime target, she must race against the clock to discover the killer’s identity.

As a web of lies begins to unravel, dark secrets will be exposed and some will stop at nothing to protect the evils of their past. For Aeree, evading the bullets is only the beginning. With danger and deception around every corner, there can only be one rule.

To get out alive, trust no one.

In this new thriller of the Hide & Seek series, the Trapped crew is back as Aeree’s neighbors. If you like electrifying action, gripping plot twists, and raw emotions, you’ll love Sally Mason’s latest page-turner.

How I got it:

I requested it from Netgalley so it’s been sitting in my TBR for so long.

When I got it:

Maybe late 2017 or last year. That long, and I feel so bad. Gaaaaahhh

Why I got it:

I’ve read the synopsis and it sound like a pretty exciting read. I’ve just read thriller and suspense and kind of liked it last year. So what got me into requesting this books is the action part. And I know that major plot twists are waiting for me in this book.

Let’s Talk!

  • Do you have a lot of unread books lurking in your shelf?
  • What book will you be reading next?

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6 thoughts on “Shelf Control #1: Survive by Sal Mason

  1. I have so many books, ebooks, netgalley books, actual books taking up over two shelves that I have not read! I’ve tried book challenges and book bans but I’m given up. Can’t spend more money this month so that’s helping me not spend. I’m just going to stop planning books to read and stop doing challenges so I might actually widdle down my tbr. And also going to read books I keep meaning to read (even those I don’t own) which is fun and less of a chore than read all your tbr.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can totally relate with you about going crazy on NetGalley, especially since I find it really daunting to watch my TBR grow right before my eyes. I also love thriller books and although I haven’t read this one in particular, I agree that it does sound like a great read. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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