Wrapping Up the Holidays ft. #BookishSecretTita

Happy Holidays, everyone! This would just be a short post and I’m a bit late but I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! (The “Happy New Year” part would be on a different post *winks )

I’ve been away for awhile getting busy with all the holiday preparations. It was tiring, all right. But seeing everything settled while waiting for Christmas midnight is one of the best feelings ever.

I spent Christmas Eve and Day with my family, munching on food we prepared. We had a few visitors, attended the mass and had dinner with our other side of the family. We didn’t do that much but it still was a special day because we were together.

The Christmas Break really gave me time to reflect and have some time off. As some of you know, I’ve been really busy this year and I was really looking forward for the vacation so yaayyy!

And I hope you guys had a great one too!

Now, let’s talk about bookish gifts!

I actually enjoyed not just “receiving” gifts but also buying some. I had my internship and I saved some money because of it. And there’s this proud feeling as I was giving them out because, I earned that money myself! And everyone was really happy with them, so I’m genuinely glad.

Anyway, me and my boyfriend exchanged Christmas gifts in advance and he got me this!

He got me a Classical Mythology book! In freaking hardback format! It was really stunning! As you see, I love mythologies so he bought this for me. He admitted that he was actually looking for Edith Hamilton’s Mythology but there weren’t any copies available in every bookstore we visited.

Yes, seriously. It seems like all stores removed it from their shelves or there was zero available on stock. Still okay with what I got though, I fell inlove with the book.

And also, a unicorn pillow! I absolutely love unicorns! I can’t even remember when I started to like them. But seriously, my guy’s really spoiling me with books and I’m totally fine with that! (Even though I’m drowning from my TBR already aaackkk)

Now I want to tell you all about #BookishSecretTita

#BookishSecretTita is like Secret Santa. It was organized by the wonderful Shealea @ That Bookshelf Bitch. (Check out her blog, she’s currently having a giveaway!) So PH book bloggers and readers, will each have their own giftee. There were keywords to guide us on what to give our giftee.

I was really excited to get started on preparing the package for my giftee. She loves Lang Leav and Van Gogh. She’s a Kpop fan and loves poetry.

I’m really glad she loved what I sent her! It really means a lot. Giving gifts really gives you that “warm feeling” especially once you see that you made someone happy.

My package arrived on the 24th. It was really the perfect timing! And I can’t tell you guys how much I loved it. My #BookishSecretTita is Shealea! The organizer herself. I can’t thank Shealea enough because I once dreamt of receiving lovely bookish packages. So I’ve been daydreaming about book subscription boxes but I can’t really afford it (but I’ll make sure to get myself one on my birthday!).

Shealea got me awesome books, one of it is on the top of my wishlist! Plus, cozy sucks and unicorn stuff. I absolutely loved it. I really can’t wait to dive in to everything.

Overall, my #BookishSecretTita experience was a really great one. And I hope it won’t be my last!

To wrap everything up, I’m wishing everyone happy holidays! I better get back to my reading and tackle my TBR. Here’s to finishing my goodreads goal!

Let’s Talk!

  • Have you read the books shown above?
  • What (bookish) gifts have you received this Christmas?
  • How was your christmas? What are you family’s holiday traditions?

Have a lovely day and happy reading! 

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